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For all the amateurs out there!

Another Florida Season is Over.

Hello all!
Well another successful Florida season has come to a end!  Levi had his last ride Tues Mar 27th, and it couldn't of been better.  He has ended at such a good spot.  His strength has improved, and the Grand Prix work has become solid.  In March we had a lesson with Marcus Gribbe and 3 sessions with Juan Matute.  I have even learned from Juan how to work the piaffe/passage in hand! 

Training! Training! Training!

Hey everyone!
Things are beautiful in Florida, the warmest winter so far!  All or us and the horses are training hard.  We have taken more of a training route with Lymrix this Florida season, than last.  It was a big jump from the small tour to the Grand Prix for us.  But we have been fortunate to have three lessons with Juan Matute, an expert in training the piaffe/passage, and it is really paying off.  

Too Funny

Arrival in Florida

We arrived safe and sound in Jupiter, Florida on the night of Dec 30th!   The boys (Levi, Bimi, Nero and Tramor) all settled in well (all of them were here last year, so that helped).  Everyone at Lady Jean Ranch was so welcoming (they are happy to have us back).  The boys will start back to work asap (maybe even tomorrow).  Levi has to get ready to do a grand prix in a couple weekends!  We will keep you all posted on our ride times and scores.  


Hello all - so we feel like we haven't been doing anything too exciting, but people have been bugging us for an update - so here it is! Since arriving home, Levi has been spectacular. Not riding the grand prix movements for months didn't hurt us at all! Levi easily did his 15ones and passage. The piaffe took a little more time, but he is so strong now! We have Albrecht coming this sun,mon,tues for a clinic.

Success at the 2011 Pan American Games!

We are on our way home to Calgary! As many of you know, the Canadian Dressage Team consisting of Tom Dvorak, Tina Irwin , Roberta Morris and myself are coming one with silver medals. We could not be any happier. As for the individual marks, I was thrilled with my Intermediary score. My freestyle score was a personal best, despite a few bobbles. Individually we ended up 7th out of 48 participants. Now we will be home for two months to catch up on things, and then off to Florida to really start to perfect our Grand Prix. We have officially declared for the 2012 London Olympics.

Arrival at Pan Am's


Mock Show Day

Training has been going great for everyone!  Markus is helping us out everyday, and today we were fortunate enough to have Lorraine MacDonald (FEI Judge) volunteer her time to fly down from Toronto for the day to judge us at our 'mock show day'.  The owners of Horse and Hound facility set up flowers around the outdoor arena, and a judges booth.  We warmed up like a normal show, then went in and rode our PSG test with her judging normally (Sandra got the opportunity to scribe), and then we listened to her comments and suggestions and re rode the test.