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Crystal Kroetch knew at the age of 6 that she wanted to dedicate her life to horses.  Her father, George Oxtoby, was a top cutting horse trainer and raised Quarter Horses in central Alberta.  Crystal did several years of 4-H, competing on several different horses throughout her school years.  After completing her grade 12, she was still convinced that horses were meant to be her life.  She worked at the family training stable/farm for several years helping her father train and compete hundreds of horses. She worked with many different breeds, quarter horses, appaloosa's, arabians, thoroughbreds and sport horses and competed in many events  including english and western pleasure, halter, trail, horsemanship, showmanship, reining, cutting, cattle penning, as well as jumping. In 1982 Crystal’s sister, Pat Oxtoby, who had been married and living in Denmark for 9 years moved home to stay and introduced Crystal to dressage. Crystal was instantly inthralled with the beauty, discipline, and training of dressage.  She had finally found her true passion and it became the guiding force in her life.  Over the years she has trained and competed several horses through the levels of dressage all the way to the highest Olympic level of Grand Prix.  She has thousands of wins and hundreds of championships to her name.  If asked what she enjoys most about dressage she will reply  “the elegance, improved balance and agility it brings to the horse, as well as the long journey of training that takes place on a daily basis”.  She has been married to Danny Kroetch since 1990 and has two sons, Cory and Denim. They live at their home Carousel stables in Calgary which is one of the top dressage training facilities in Canada. They also own and operate DK Saddlery which is a business that was started by her husband out of his passion to help the horse become pain free from badly designed and fitted saddles. Crystal is also a NCCP Level III dressage coach and has been since 2004. This certification program is very in-depth and there are only a few in Canada that have achieved this level. Crystal still believes that it is important to keep improving and learning.  She has been working with Ger Geertsen since 1988 and with the Canadian junior young rider coach of the FYRST program, Albrecht Heidemann of Germany for the past 9 years. She also spent the last 5 winter seasons in Florida working with Robert Dover, Marcus Gribbe, Juan Matute, and Albrecht Heidemann.