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Florida 2014

Well hello everyone! 
Lymrix and I are once again spending Jan, Feb, and March in fabulous Florida! We did manage to get a big shot of winter before we left on the 26th of Dec.It is amazing how much snow we got and how much more has arrived since we left. Have to say, I'm glad I'm not there! My poor husband Danny arrived home from a very busy saddle fitting clinic in Europe - Holland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Norway on Dec 22. He was very tired and jet lagged. We did a quick Christmas celebration with our two boys Cory and Denim and then I stuck him in the drivers seat of the truck at 4:30 am on Dec 26! On board we had Lymrix and his very best friend, Janet Adam's Wavaada, then Teresa Russell's E Bay and Teresa joined us for the ride down. We picked up Shannon Sluzer's Flambo just outside of Regina and headed on to Pineridge Stables in Winnipeg where we spent our first night. We really lucked out on the weather and roads. It had been a balmy -40 in Winnipeg for over a week, when we drove throughit warmed up for us to -4! Thank you! Horses travelled great, got off the truck and they all went to drinking and eating. Back in the truck at 6:00 am so we could hit the boarder as the vets arrived at 8:00 am. That went smoothly as well. Was a female vet so welet Danny work his charm. Second night brought us to Paige Labella's farm in Cedar Falls, IA. They had had tons of snow but temperature stayed in that -4 for us. Our truck, Cloud, had trouble making the climb out of her yard but Danny suited up and put her chains on (he does sooooo love me!) and Cloud was transformed into a 4 wheel drive. She just walked out of there no problem! Danny treated Teresa and I to an amazing dinner that night at a placecalled Ferrari's. It was so delicious, we slept great that night. Back in the truck and on the rd at 5:00 am and making our way to our third night stop in Arrinton, TN at the beautiful facility of Leslie Waterman. She not onlyhas fabulous stalls for the horses but cottages for us! Day four found as atour winter home of Lady Jean Ranch. It is good to be back here. Day four is a killer, 16 hrs. But Michelle was there to great us as was my wonderful French friend Joane Tetrault!  The horses were so glad to be in the warm. The next morning we turned them out inthere big grass paddocks and they could have been Calgary Stampede bucking horses. They certainly weren't tired. There was bucking, running and rolling and Tango even had the sound effects. It was nice to see them so content! I always restmy horses four days before there travel and then four days after. They are all back in work now and feeling great. I ride Levi and teach Teresa and Shannon. I am sad in that another really special horse was to make the tripdown with me for training but could not come as two weeks before departure hedeveloped neurological symptoms. This is Tricia Shuh's horse Windstorm. Itwas later found out that three of his vertebra in his neck had degeneration and causing problems. We think this was caused when he was a baby as he was missing four of his front teeth from some kind of impact. Tricia has since had to make the terrible hard decision to send Storm to the"other side". She tried everything but nothing seemed to make a difference. Storm will be sadly missed but I know in my heart that he is in a really great place now. Thinking of Tricia and Storm everyday.  I will try and be good about keeping everyone at home in the loop. I want to thank my sponsors, DK Saddlery and Riva's Remedies. Lymrix would not be in the health he is with out Riva's great supplements. A lot of you may not know that Levi broke the side bone in his left front foot in June. This made him very lame. Vet's told me 6-12 months recovery. I got in touch immediately with Marijke from Riva's and she put Levi on a very potent supplement program. I am very pleased to say that when Levi's foot was re x-rayed in Dec they could not find the break. Vet even phoned the clinic as he thought I had told him the wrong foot :) he said that never happens, you can always see the side bone breaks even after there healed! So THANK YOU RIVA'S, I have my horse back and going!