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"We are ever evolving and improving the suppleness and strength of the horse"

Well, it is hard to believe that weare 2/3's done our trip, Feb is over! Has been a great month for us in FL.  Sorry for you guys back home that have been dealing with all the horrible weather. I see you are in another cold snap AGAIN. At least March is coming in like a lion so you will have a chance it may go out like a lamb. I'm reallyhopeful that this is the last cold snap and things will start warming up bit by bit. We've had two visitors this month, Amy Harris Zummack a student of mine from Regina (boy is she glad she is here now, was -51 there yesterday!) and Janine Little's working student from Kelowna Larisa Anderson. It's great having them both here as they are great workers and therefore a huge help.
Shannon Sluser who is here training with me had a great show last weekend. She competed in 3 PSG classes and did fabulous. There were huge entries with over 30 horses in her class. The first day she scored a 68% for fifth place, day two saw her in second place with a 72%, right behind Janine and Leanne Peniuk's horse Diamond Gem who won the class with a 76%. YEAH Canada! And the final day Shannon won the class with a 68%. I am really proud of Shannon and Flambo, they did a fabulous job. Shannon entered the show this weekend and then will do one more before we have to pack up and leave. At this final show she will give the I1 a go.
Teresa and EBay are coming along unbelievable. Fellow riders in the barn are always complementing us on how much he has improved and what a nice horse he is! We have him just about ready to compete so hopefully Teresa can get at least one show in before we head for home.
Juan Matute (in hand specialist) has been up to Lady Jean Ranch twice now and comes again this week. He workedwith Ebay last time and really liked him, thinks he has a talent for piaffe! We will get a few more sessions in before we leave and hopefully get things nicely confirmed for next yr.
Lymrix has been doing amazing. His fitness level is really coming back now. Had thought I might show this weekend but Albrecht has helped me reach another level with him so think I will wait and just keep working to solidify things. We had a passage the other day he said for a 9! Wouldn't that be great, and the best piaffe he has seen him do,changes are really changing :) bigger and with more jump and ground cover.
We are ever evolving and improving the suppleness and strength of the horse, and that is what I think I love most about dressage. It is sooooo NEVER done, you can always make it better!!
The shows down here have been jam packed, it is amazing that every year they just get bigger and bigger.  Most shows have thirty horses or more in the Grand Prix and in the PSG.