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New horses!


Well I apologize for it taking so long for me to write again. We have arrived home from FL first part of April. That was a little nerve wracking as we got pulled off the hwy in Janestown ND because of a blizzard. You could not see 6" in front of you . I do not know how Danny managed to keep it on the road. We finally had a police escort to show us the way. We have been crazy busy since we got home, getting caught up on the books.  Thanks to Lynn Hambly who did my month end and payroll while I was gone and kept the mounds of mail we receive sorted!  Janet and Sally had everything at the barn in ship shape and running smoothly so it was easy just to step back in like I had never left! I want to send out a huge congratulations to Patti Vincient. She is a long time client in my barn, as well as good friend. She just recently retired her older horse Llang at the young age of 24! She made the wise decision in purchasing Janet Adam's horse Wavaada, aka Tango. It is a match made in heaven. Patti rides him beautifully and Tango just can't get enough of all that grooming and great supply of treats! Going to be fun watching them grow together.
This of course meant that Janet was now horse-less. But, not for long! We found an amazing 5 yr old down in CA at Willy Art's DG Bar Ranch. He is a big grey boy, Farwell 111 (which is Feidertanz) and out of a Ferro mare. His name is Everlast and his barn name will be Bling, (very appropriate if you know Janet at all). We are having trouble getting transport but hopefully he will be here soon and will get a picture.

I also had a very GREAT June. Not only was it my birthday month, but I got a brand new Lexus and a new horse! A 6 yr old Dutch boy I found in Belgium. He is by Warkant, who is a son of Ferro and out of a Jazz mare. Pretty green but boy can he move! He arrived in Canada on the 16th and is now out of quarantine so the work has begun. His name was Dance With Me and I will keep his barn name Dance. But I needed a better show name and it would need to start with D and end in my ix (like Rythymix and Lymrix). So it was Patti that came up with his new name, Dynamicx!  It will be fun having a couple of new kids in the barn, and we look forward to bringing these two along. I will get some photo's of the new boys once they are being ridden!
Happy half halting!