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Once again in Florida!

Well once again it’s hard to believe the first month in FL has been and gone! It is so true what my dad use to say “the older you get the faster the world turns!” It has been a really great month though on several fronts, the weather has been amazing, my french roommates fantastic (Mathilde and Jean Guy from Montreal) as well as my wonderful niece Sandra, horses have been behaving and the shows top notch.
My gang (Sandra and Shannon and I)competed in a couple of shows in Jan with really good results. The shows here are crazy big, I would say aprox 200 horses or more at every show. The CDI PSG has had 47 riders and the CDI Grand Prix 35. Then there is also a full national show running.
Sandra Oxtoby and her fabulous horse Zedor did very well in the CDI PSG scoring 65.026% to get her into the Int 1 as they only take the top 30 forward. She then had another nice ride and scored 64.86%. A few mistakes but lots of great moments!
Shannon Sluser, another student that came down again this year with me did a national PSG and Int 1 scoring 66.31% & 63.81%. She rides her big grey horse Flamboyance, who she now has up for sale. Time for the next one, it is always hard parting with a “friend” you have had for several years but unfortunately economics makes it necessary to sell one before we purchase the next one. She has had a couple of really nice ladies try him out and I’m sure they will give him a wonderful home if they decide to take him.
I have had Lymrix (Levi) in two national shows. I was very happy with my rides. His first test which was up in the big CDI stadium he was a little tense but not bad, his rider did manage to go off course though!!! Unbelievable, I haven’t done that in years!! Also, I had a mistake in my 2’s. BUT he did do his piaffe and his last centreline which has been our major problem area. So in that test we scored a 60.150%. I opted to ride the Grand Prix the second day as well and managed to remember my test!!! haha. So a cleaner test, still a little tension but improving, scored 63.60%. 
Did another national show the following weekend and these tests were held in a different area of the amazing Global facility. On a side note this facility is unreal. You can look it up on the internet, Global Dressage Festival. Millions of dollars of top footing, every ring including the warm ups have the exact same footing. Non riders have no idea how important this is. It is very difficult to have your warm up on one footing and then when you go to compete have a totally different footing. It is very difficult for the horse. They have beautiful barns, although still not enough as they have to bring in big tent stalls to accommodate all the horses. Really nice washrooms and the show staff is amazing. I don’t know how they do it, they run these massive shows pretty much every weekend. Anyways - if you get a chance come down and watch a show you will learn so much and love the atmosphere. A lot of venders as well so the shopping is to die for.
So now back to Lymrix. The second show was very good also. It is so great to be able to ride lots of shows as that is what he needs now (although very hard on the Credit Card !!!) Rode the Grand Prix again the first day, he was more relaxed then the week before, had some nice passage, his piaffe still needs to be a little better but it is really improving. We scored a 64.95%. Entered the Grand Prix Special the second day. He was OK but a little bothered that we were riding a different test. I had mistakes in both my 2’s and 1’s. This was because Levi really thought I was mistaken. He was sure that the 2’s should start on the left rein as in the GP and the 1’s from the right - NO LYMRIX, in the GPS it is reversed !!! Needless to say I hadn’t realized he was more comfortable starting them from a certain direction so we have really been working on that!! He did OK though, scored a 64.8% with many mistakes so I was pretty happy with him, lots of apples and carrots.
He is getting close to being ready to do a CDI. The thing with the GP CDI’s is that they are different than the small tour (PSG) in that if you make it in the top 30, 15 of the horses do the Special and the other 15 do the freestyle. Which you ride depends on where you placed in the class as from top to bottom get to choose which class they prefer to ride. But once we have 15 in the Special the balance MUST ride the Freestyle (or vice versa). I have probably just made that very confusing, sorry. What is tricky is that the Special and the GP are very different tests and then you MUST have a freestyle ready. I do finally have a freestyle - Thanks to Karen Robinson of Applause dressage from BC- but I haven’t actually ridden it yet. Sooooo thats my next piece of homework. 
Can’t thank my sponsors DK Saddlery “Where The Fit Really Matters" and Riva’s Remedies “Healing Horses Their Way” for there continued support dedication to my success!! The herbs that I use from Riva’s are amazing! Every horse I put on them just blossom’s. They always do their job, I feel and see results almost immediately. It is so great to have a product out there that does what it say’s it will. This is so rare!!! Thank you Marjke van de Water’s for producing such a great product and for continuing to research, study and evolve!! And to Danny Kroetch - thanks from Lymrix as he NEVER has a sore back or has to fight against his saddle for freedom and from me as I love the comfort of my saddles !! You two are the best!!! Thanks sooooo much.
The picture is of Dynamicx, after he dug a big hole in the sand, he sat his big butt in it and there he stayed for aprox 15 minutes - what a weird horse! Also I have posted a link to one of my Grand Prix tests on YouTube - take a look!